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For over 85 years LexisNexis South Africa has been at the forefront of legal content and technology, driven by its commitment to the vision of ‘Enhancing the Potential of the African Continent by Advancing the Rule of Law’. With its strong community of legal professionals, it advances the practice of law. Through its corporate solutions, it advances compliance with the law. Finally, LexisNexis partners closely with government to advance the upholding of the law. Today, LexisNexis South Africa provides the most trusted and credible legal and regulatory content and intelligent, digital platforms. Its corporate solutions guide clients to better decisions, grounded in the latest legislation and regulatory developments. LexisNexis® prides itself on offering unmatched content accuracy together with superior technology. From e-signature to GRC, LexisNexis equips today’s organisation to protect against risk in the most robust way.

For more info visit –www.lexisnexis.co.za or https://www.lexisnexis.co.za/compliance


BarnOwl is a fully integrated governance, enterprise risk management, compliance and audit software solution. Pagetech provides compliance and commercial legal services and content using experienced attorneys, at fixed cost with guaranteed turnaround times. BarnOwl together with Pagetech, provides a state of the art compliance software solution, sourced with reliable, up to date, high quality compliance content, facilitating the automation of compliance checklists and CRMPs (Compliance Risk Management Plans).

For more info visit – www.barnowl.co.za or www.pagetech.co.za


CURA Software Solutions is a leading provider of Governance, Risk, Compliance and Risk-based Audit software solutions, implemented across more than 250 enterprise customers globally. These solutions offer a clear picture of compliance across the organisation which leads to better decision-making and compliance management.

CURA has partnered with Africa NewLaw to provide an informative and easy-to-use compliance solution that can help organisations achieve their optimal regulatory compliance program in an efficient and effective manner.

For more info visit – www.curasoftware.com